Sunday, November 23, 2008

JFK And The Dark Side Of Camelot...

Considering yesterday, November 22nd, 2008 was the 45th anniversary of the JFK assassination, I just finished reading the 1997-published book The Dark Side of Camelot by Seymour M. Hersh>>>
President Kennedy's days in the White House are shown in a very different light then history initially recorded:
This author is one of America's premier investigative reporters who wrote in 1969 the first account of the My Lai massacre in South Vietnam. The book
is based on interviews with former Kennedy administration officials, former Secret Service agents, and hundreds of Kennedy's personal friends and associates. It makes use of information and sources that became available after the "Freedom of Information Act" allowed the release of previously censored information and documents. The Dark Side of Camelot rewrites the history of John F. Kennedy and his presidency. It has even been referred to as "The 2nd assassination of Kennedy" as the inner circle and its goings on are revealed in the manner of juicy gossip. I just completed reading it on the eve of the 45th anniversary of the assassination. I was ten years old at the time when the event occurred. Our family was on vacation in Florida, enjoying a day at the gulf when all of a sudden the strangest thing I have ever seen to this day happened. Suddenly the whole of Nikomis Beach (near Sarasota, FL) cleared of almost all the people. They were running up to their cars in the parking lot to listen to their car radios. My sisters and I helped my mother pick up all the beach gear but she was moving kind of slow being pregnant at the time. As we approached my Dad, he was sitting in the cream-colored 1961 Lincoln Continental sedan that was his pride and joy with the radio blaring. Dad first spoke to Mom, then he said to my sisters Kim, Tam and I, "The President has been shot" . This event from so long ago I consider to be my political awakening, for it was the first time I realized the extent of influence one person could have on so many people. To this day, I believe it was one man that acted alone to kill the President. Gary Posner's book, Case Closed, confirms for me that a conspiracy did not happen. Its just that people have a hard time believing that a nobody like Oswald could kill a somebody like Kennedy and so they choose to conclude that it took a conspiracy to accomplish the task.

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